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Parrot CK3100

in-car handsfree kit

Parrot CK3100 bluetooth handsfee car kit Parrot Logo

Bluetooth Handsfree with b/w LCD screen. Our most popular carkit (pictured above). IPhone Compatible.

£222.00 Including home install and VAT
0191 5172889

Parrot Mki9100

bluetooth handsfree kit

Parrot mki9100 bluetooth handsfee car kit Parrot Logo

This Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree is for music enthusiasts with connections for iPod/iPhone etc and no screen.

£240.00 Including home install and VAT
0191 5172889

Parrot Mki9200

in-car handsfree kit>

Parrot MKi9200 bluetooth handsfee car kit Parrot Logo

Handsfree with colour screen, dedicated to music. Voice Commands and iPod/iPhone compatible.

£270.00 Including home install and VAT
0191 5172889

THB Bury CC9068

In-car App handsfree

THB Bury CC9068 bluetooth handsfee car kit THB Bury Logo

THB Bury CC9068 Voice-controlled Bluetooth with hands-free with Smartphone app and charger. Text-to-speech.

£222.00 Including home install and VAT
0191 5172889


              Drive safely with a professionally installed bluetooth handsfree carkit. Click here for information on the law against using a mobile whilst driving.

Call us on 0191 5172889 to book an appointment with our expert technicians to fit a hands-free kit to your car. We can usually install the car-kit at your workplace or home at no extra cost. It will take around an hour or two to fit into a standard car.


Why not get a set of parking sensors fitted at the same time at £18 off our website prices.

When ordering your car phone, please mention this website to get the prices quoted. These are offer prices, lower than our standard price list.

* Note: Standard SOT lead included. Vehicles with amplified stereo systems may require an additional interface lead, the cost of which will be added to the cost of the handsfree kit. Prices do not include voltage dropper for 24 volt vehicles. VAT is 20%, included in the prices above.

Parrot Bluetooth Car Kits - MKI series

Fitting Ipod to Parrot MKi9200 Carkit
The MKi series combines the latest communication technologies with a full set of services dedicated to music. Automatic connection with your Bluetooth mobile phone enables you to establish in a few seconds any phone conversations in your vehicleParrot MKi9200 Screen without needing to handle the telephone.

The MKi9100 is delivered with a music cable specifically designed to adapt to any sort of digital and analogue music players: iPod, iPhone connector and a USB connector. The MKi series displays the playlist and album cover for you to always visualize what is being played. All music files are played back on the car’s speakers while the MKi built-in digital amplifier transforms your car into a true concert hall.
                             Parrot mki9100 screen