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price includes installation and VAT
Some vehicles, e.g. motorhomes, may incur extra cost

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser II is a unique car engine immobiliser that protects your vehicle from key theft (and keyless theft), cloning, relay theft and hacking.  It's a small electronic unit fitted discreetly that prevents your vehicle from starting until you enter a unique pin code sequence. No extra fobs, and nothing visible in your car. 

The unique PIN code sequence is made up of buttons on the steering wheel, centre console or door panels and must be entered before the vehicle can be started.

Suitable for cars, vans and motorhomes.


No subscriptions to pay!  The shown price is all you will pay - VAT and Installation included.

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The Ghost will be installed by immobiliser specialists, who are fully insured, FITAS registered and authorised to install the Autowatch Ghost into all vehicles in the North East.

Engine Start Blocking

The Ghost will prevent the starting of the engine unless the unique, user-defined PIN code has been entered.

Advantages of using the CANbus 

The use of the CAN data bus has several advantages, including low risk during installation and low probability of detection. It allows for installation almost anywhere in the vehicle. 

Stops key cloning and ECU swapping 

A thief cannot simply add a new key or replace an ECU to bypass the Ghost and start the vehicle. Only entering the correct PIN code will allow the engine to start. 

No radio frequency signals 

Thieves cannot use sophisticated RF scanning, code grabbing technology to detect the Ghost Immobiliser, because it does not transmit any signals - unlike conventional security systems.