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Automotive Electronics for the North East

- 0191 5172889

Call Emma to order your sensors and book your installation. Fitting can be done at your place or ours and can usually be booked for within 3-4 days.

Call 0191 5172889 to book your installation

Order Process:


To order or make any other enquiry, simply call us on the number shown (mobiles can click on it) and Emma will advise the best sensors for your car and when we can do the installation. If you want the sensors painted and you don't have the colour-code, then we can usually get it from your reg number.



Installation can usually be done within 3 to 4 days by our employed local installers, possibly a little longer if painting is required. All of our Parksafe parking sensors are guaranteed for 3 years.

Call 0191 5172889 24hrs to order.

Parking Sensor Options

LED Display and Paint options

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Painting to car's exact colour

Most sensors are paintable

Cost: £12 for front or rear, £18 for F&R.


Display options for Front sensors

Standard slim display, 3-colour- £21

Slim with numerical digits - £27

'Traffic lights', numeric display £21


Front sensors have on/off switch

CAN bus switches are £75