Front & Rear Dash Cam Installation only

Front & Rear Dash Cam Installation only


Installation of Front and Rear Dash Cam, any make.  

Professional Installation at Cygnal.  Add £30.00 for a home installation.

Hard Wire kit not neccessary.


  • DAB Susceptibility

    Some vehicles, e.g. Skodas and Volvos, might experience radio problems with a rear camera.  Their DAB radios can be overly susceptible to interference, causing loss of signal in low signal areas.   We will always try remedial options and these usually work.

    Sometimes, rarely, it is unavoidable.  It is not a fault of the camera or the installation.  Rather, it's the week DAB signal combined with a susceptible car radio and camera proximity to the aerial.  If this is the case, you can request a return of the rear camera and credit for it will be issued.