Front & Rear Parking Sensors

Front & Rear Parking Sensors


Our front & rear parking sensor kit.

Variable beep as you move towards an object. Eight sensors, usually installed in the bumper.


Front sensors will activate when brakes applied. An automatic CAN bus switch can be installed as an optional extra which will activate the sensors when the vehicle travels at less than 5mph.

  • Features

    Beeper Alert

    Buzzer alert with 2 volume settings, which beep faster as you move towards an object.


    Other Features

    Self test function, up to five year warranty.



    Matte/gloss black, white & silver available as standard. Colour coding (painting) available for an additional £27.



    Professional fitting by our fully insured FITAS-registered installers is included in the price. Please allow 3-5 days lead time for fitting.