Sigma S30 CAT1 Remote Alarm Immobiliser

Sigma S30 CAT1 Remote Alarm Immobiliser


The Sigma S Series is designed to work independently as a full remote control system linked to the vehicle’s central door locking or to the existing remote locking system.

  • Security Features

    • 2 x single button radio keys (water and shock resistant
    • 66-bit encryption to prevent scanning and code grabbing
    • Lost or stolen radio keys can be programmed out
    • Perimeter protection circuit for boot and bonnet (negative input)
    • Perimeter protection circuit for doors (positive or negative input)
    • Closed loop protection circuit (looped wire to protect accessories)
    • Ignition detection circuit
    • Ultrasonic interior protection (base sensitivity adjustable)
    • 2 x circuit, passively setting, immobilisation
    • Manual arm, using the radio key (or programmable auto arm)
    • Auto re-arm can be programmed to re-arm the system
    • Last trigger identification via the dashboard LED
    • Record of the elapsed time since the last trigger


    Light Goods – Cars, Vans – 12V

  • Convenience Features

    • Full central door locking/unlocking control
    • Armed output (negative 200mA max )
    • Additional siren/pager output (negative 200mA max)
    • Total closure output
    • Total open/boot release output
    • Interior lamp illumination output (negative 200mA max)
    • Headlamp illumination output (negative 200mA max)
    • Secure ignition PIN override
    • Secure PIN override using the keypad
    • Silent arm and disarm
    • The last circuit to trigger can be excluded using the keypad
    • The vehicle’s battery voltage can be checked using the keypad
    • The sensors are excludable using the keypad, ignition or remotely




    • Thatcham Category 1 alarm/immobiliser system.
    • Supplied with 2 x radio keys, self powered siren & keypad
    • The system has CDL control to power/switch a vehicle’s CDL system
    • Dual immobilisation circuits
    • Key theft protection facility
    • Auxiliary siren, armed accessory, total closure
    • Interior lamp illumination, headlamp illumination
    • Boot release or remote engine start/stop outputs (option)
    • Sophisticated programming and diagnostic facility