V5M Viking Mirrormeter

V5M Viking Mirrormeter


Prices include programming to the required district tariff.


The V5M Mirror Meter gives exceptional customer benefits, easy operation and modular systems for single proprietors, multi cab owners and taxi fleets.

  • Meter Specs


    • Up to 50 tariffs, with up to 5 up/down lifts per tariff
    • Clock calendar control (with semi-auto and 7 seater options)
    • 3 set of driver accounts, with a PIN for each driver
    • This Taximeter is approved to be used anywhere in Europe
    • Auto shutdown saves power
    • Can display the distance & duration during a fare
    • Printer & Data outputs
    • The PCB is Conformal coated to DEF-STAN 59/47
    • Covers mirror & easily removed