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2 Way Radio Hire for Events

Interested in Radios but not rental? Click Here.
We have handportable radios for immediate hire for any period, including optional audio accessories and 6-way chargers.
Two Way Radio Hire Prices (Discounts may be available for quantities over 10):
  • Hire Period     2-5 radios      over 5 radios
  •   One Day    -   £12.50 each     -   £9.50 each
  •   Weekend   -  £15.00 each     -   £12.00 each
  •   3 Days      -   £15.00 each     -   £12.00 each
  •   Week        -   £17.50 each     -   £15.00 each
  •   Month       -   £25.00 each     -   £22.00 each
Delivery/collection in North East England, add £10.00. Please add VAT to all prices.
Call 0191 5172889 to order your delivery.

Cygnal have a range of radio equipment for both short and long term hire. For rentals up to 12 months duration, hire radios are usually put onto our own radio licence, providing several channels to help avoid interference. We will handle your licence applications for longer rentals. Call 0191 5172889 for enquiries.

Hire can be the ideal communications solution for particular events or eventualities. Some clients find it convenient to rent or lease for longer periods to avoid capital outlay. We have standard rates from single day hire to five years or more. See our Hire Agreement for more information.

A large proportion of communications or tracking equipment is acquired on a leasing agreement. We think that three years is about right to lease electronic equipment because of the likelihood of updated models becoming available.

Leasing is a rental and is usually for a 3 or 5 year agreement. The longer the agreement, the lower the payments are. Leasing in itself does not include a maintenance agreement but we always offer, and recommend, a maintenance agreement to run alongside. At the end of the lease, it is usual for the rental payments to be dropped dramatically to keep the leased equipment, or to be offered an upgrade to an updated system, your old equipment being returned to us - often with the result in a discount off the new lease.