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Hytera Portable Digital Repeater

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>Hytera RD965 Portable Digital Repeater

Hytera Digital Radio PD785RD965 is Hytera's first digital/analogue portable repeater that is compatible with the DMR standard. Compact and embedded with a mini duplexer, the device is fairly wieldy.

Equipped with a wide selection of components, the RD965 easily fits into various application scenarios, whether on your back, on a wall, in your suitcase or a cabinet. It supports a range of power supply plans to guarantee uninterrupted communications during emergencies; its API and 100 Mbps network port combine to support an extended array of applications; the device provides IP67 protection, making it reliable in many hostile operating environments.

Hytera RD965 Portable Repeater
Slim and Portable
Based on a compact design, the device measures only 42mm and weighs less than 5kg, (include the 10Ah battery).

Flexible Applications
Fitted with a wide variety of components, the product can be desk or wall-mounted for in-building coverage, installed in a mobile suitcase or cabinet for emergency communications, or carried on the back for forest firefighting.

Built-in Duplexer
Embedded with an optional mini duplexer.

Emergency Port
The port allows for power connection in emergencies.

IP67 Protection
Compatible with the IP67, the device can operate properly under immersion (1meter depth for up to 30 minutes).

Reliable and Durable
Compatible with the American military standard MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and HALT verified.

User-friendly Panel
The operating panel provides a wide range of channel status indicators, a button for channel adjustment, and a port for palm microphone or remote speaker/mic.

The GPS module supports GPS data transmission and enables emergency command centers to monitor the location of a small mobile network in real time.

Smart Battery (optional)
A 10Ah smart Li-Ion battery can support at least eight hours of operation when working at 50% duty cycle and high TX power. Compatible with the smbus 1.1 standard, the RD965 can monitor battery conditions such as estimated remaining capacity, used capacity percentage, and usage record. The device can also maximize the battery life: through smart charge management, it can automatically recharge the battery for use anytime; powered by three levels of battery protection, the device considerably enhances charging safety and reliably.

Repeater Diagnostics and Control
Through a PC-based application, the RD965 can monitor, diagnose and control remote (connected to the Internet via an IP port) and local (via a USB port) repeaters, increasing the productivity.

Hytera's RDAC software supports network access at multiple points and allows the administrator to monitor networked two-way radios.

Voice Input/output via Dual Time Slots: easy for monitoring and voice recording

In digital mode, the device supports voice input and output via dual time slots and enables users to record calls continuously.

Digital/Analogue Compatibility and Smart Switching
Back to back interconnection of digital & analogue network can be achieved by wired or wireless IP, ensuring a smooth analogue-todigital transition.

Flexible Networking
By connecting geographically distributed repeaters that run at the same or different frequencies to form an IP-based and location-independent wireless communication network, IP-based repeater interconnection allows mobile radios to obtain voice and data services while roaming.

16 Channels
The product supports up to 16 channels. You can switch between channels using PC-based RDAC software, the channel selector knob on the front panel, or the external interface on the repeater.

Digital-Analogue Interconnection for Smooth Transition
This feature enables two-way radios with digital and analogue capabilities, and digital and analogue, users to intercommunicate in different operating modes to guarantee users' seamless transition from analogue to digital.

Supports Operating both in Analogue and Digital Mode

Upgradable Software
This enables you to easily add functions through software upgrade without purchasing a new device.