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Brantz International

Brantz International 1
The International 1 is a basic single readout tripmeter which is ideal for road rallying and club level stage events. This is the only electronic unit allowed on certain HERO events.
Brantz Int 2 Pro

Brantz International 2 Pro
The International 2 Pro and its predecessors are probably the most popular rally tripmeters to have served so many generations of rallying enthusiasts with their accuracy, ease of use and rugged dependability.
Brantz Int 2S Pro

Brantz International 2S Pro
The International 2S Pro tripmeter has all the features of the International 2 Pro PLUS a third readout showing current speed or average speed. The average can be recommenced at any time, even on the move.
Brantz Laser

Brantz Laser 3
The Brantz Laser 3 Rally Computer is a sophisticated high precision instrument which shows via red LED readouts Time of Day including hundredths of a second and has two stopwatches.
Survmaster 1

Survmaster 1
This odometer has all the accuracy of the number two model, but with only one readout (which can shift its decimal point placing) there is a facility for Zeroing the readout and for counting forwards or backwards.
Survmaster 2

Survmaster 2
This model has two high quality 15mm red LED readouts measuring roads to one metre accuracy and can Zero either readout, freeze the top readout figure and measure forward or reverse the count direction.
Survmaster 3

Survmaster 3
The Survmaster3 features two backlit LCD readouts with controls to Freeze, Reset to zero, Hold readout whilst continuing to measure, Reverse count direction, Preset or Amend the readout figures.

Survmaster Compact

Survmaster Compact Tripmeter
The Compact tripmeter has been designed to occupy a very small amount of space. It has two measurement recorders which are in the format 999.999 but displayed via a single backlit four-digit LCD. Counts forwards or backwards.

The Brantz brand of rally tripmeters offers the complete range of motorsport tripmeters from novice rally enthusiasts all the way to professional team rallying.


A Survmaster system comprises the main tripmeter head with or without the plugging in kit plus a sensor (pickup sender) of the most appropriate type for your vehicle fitted to that vehicle. The installation is calibrated against an accurate measured reference distance (usually one kilometre, but the system can just as easily be calibrated to read in miles). The readouts show distance travelled to three decimal places with a potential accuracy of one part in a thousand.


Covering the whole of the North East


Brantz and Survmaster measuring equipment ideal for:
  • Rally cars
  • Highway maintenance