Radio & Vehicle Communications
throughout the North East


Wearnet Radio System

The Wearnet trunk radio system is designed with service fleets and Taxis in mind. Any company with a fleet of vehicles (of two or more) whose business is mostly in the North East should look at this system.

Ideal for taxi companies wanting car-to-car communications, covering Sunderland, Washington, South Tyneside, Houghton, County Durham, Tyne and Wear and South Northumberland including the airport.

Our trunked radio system covers most of the North East. The main advantages of a trunked system over a conventional mobile phone or radio system are:
  • Rapid connection
  • No call charges or licence fees
  • Privacy of calls
  • Call-in absence indicator
  • One-to-one or one-to-many calls
  • Radio usage is exempt from the 'mobile phone while driving' law

Mobiles are fitted into the vehicles and, usually, one or more at the office. One press of the button will immediately connect you to your driver, or all your drivers and other offices, at once.

For a fixed monthly fee, no call charges or licences to pay for.