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Emergency Vehicle Blue Lights and Sirens

For covert fire & rescue vehicles and private ambulances


Bespoke design, supply and professional installation of emergency vehicles' lighting and sirens


LED lightbars
Compact and rotating beacons
Siren units
Siren amplifiers
Stealth number plate blue lights
Covert LED modules



Cygnal have installed emergency blue lighting systems for several years and count four Fire & Rescue services and Police Services amongst their clients: North Yorkshire, Cleveland, Durham and Northumberland.


Fitting RSG and Woodway equipment, each vehicle installation begins with a specification and schematic diagram, agreed in advance with the clIent. Installation is invariably carried out at the client's premises over one or two days, saving them days of downtime compared with transporting to a garage and leaving it. Our dedicated after-market installers work closely with the client to ensure any last minute deviations from the spec are carried out with minimum fuss.


Other work carried out for the emergency services are radio (Airwave) installations and on-board camera systems.


Recently fitted blue light & siren system fitted to emergency vehicle
Parrot CK3000 bluetooth handsfee car kitParrot CK3000 bluetooth handsfee car kitParrot CK3000 bluetooth handsfee car kit

Strobe Beacons

Blue Strobe beacons

Siren Units

 Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree Carkits

Plate Lights

 Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree Carkits

Roof Lightbars

 Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree Carkits

LED Lightbars

 Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree Carkits