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Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Cygnal Track

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Cygnal's vehicle tracking arm, Cygnaltrack, provides a choice of three different tracking systems to cater for all of our customers' needs. Key Telematics, together with Gosafe devices, gives versatility in its configurations, reliability and ease of use.

Webtech Wireless has a variety of equipment types and can interconnect to a Garmin satnav, including personal and covert trackers.

Scorpion is a highly respected brand Works with the well known TomTom sat navs.

CygnalTrack are independent providers and installers of all three of these networks and can recomment the best system for your particular needs.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Tracking lets you see where your vehicles are at all times and improve your productivity and efficiency by reducing lost working hours. A Vehicle Tracking system can provide a cost-effective system to enable you to track, monitor and control your vehicles wherever they are in the world, using GPRS/GPS satellite technology. Costs vary from around 50p to £1.30 per day.

For the greens amongst you, or if you just want to cut down on fuel, accidents and maintenance costs of your fleet of vehicles, some of our systems can closely monitor driver performance, showing excessive braking, acceleration, cornering and speeding. (This can be indicated to the driver, real time, in his cab). Connection to the Canbus, if available, can give carbon emissions, fuel consumption and more.

Webtech Map with tracking snail trail Webtech Tracking Logo

These are the features and benefits of Vehicle Tracking systems from Cygnal:

  • Hidden installation - all equipment is under the dashboard or elsewhere out of sight.

  • The system uses GPS (satellite) for location and GPRS (mobile phone system) to convey the information to you.

  • If your vehicle should lose the GPRS signal, the device will continue to track and will send the data to you as soon as it returns to coverage, with no location data lost.

  • A wide range of reports is available, which can be emailed, regularly, to your email address, keeping you informed wherever you are.

  • Geofencing - you can be informed by email or text, or on the reports, whenever a vehicle enters or leaves designated areas. For instance if it leaves the local area, leaves the company or other premises, or enters the vicinity of a certain public house!

  • Savings include diesel fuel, lost working hours and overtime. Most systems cost well under £1 per day per vehicle. We'd be amazed if the savings do not outstrip that cost many times over.

  • Benefits include keeping customers informed of delivery time, good chance of retrieving stolen vehicles, monitoring safe driving speed of staff etc.

Teenager Road Safety Program - Helping your Teenagers Drive Responsibly and Safely

“Can I borrow the car tonight, Dad?”

Tracking kids in vehiclesParents can now answer this simple question with ease and peace of mind with Cygnal' teenager road safety package.

The teenager road safety package consists of the intelligent WebTech Locator™ Series - an on-board computer that provides telematics information on driving behaviour utilizing GPS and Accelerometer data that then configured through an intuitive online website, powered by Quadrant.

Parents can access critical information on their vehicles’ acceleration, deceleration, potential accident detection, swerving, speed and location. The Data is then rolled into a comprehensive yet easy to understand Driver / Vehicle Scorecard that provides Daily Feedback to parents on their young drivers performance, enabling a proactive step in helping to educate and mentor their teenagers on safe and responsible driving habits.

WebTech Wireless, together with Cygnal, provide our teenager road safety package to their end customers. A few of the key features and benefits of the solution include:

Features and Benefits

    Vehicle Scorecard. Provides an actual score based on real driving behaviour. Help develop your teen’s safe driving habits with information on speeding, cornering, hard acceleration and hard braking counts.
    Speeding Report Set speeding thresholds, and receive email alerts when they have exceeded the national speed limit.
    Vehicle Activity Report Enhance security and protect your family and vehicles by knowing your vehicle’s location and historical route online.

Standard unit costs £85 to install then £45 per month to rent. There is no contract length so you can return the system as soon as you are happy with your child's driving. Call us on 0191 5172889 for further information.