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Radio Repairs

Faulty Radios?
Poor range?
Batteries not holding charge?
Poor audio quality?

We can help. Call 0191 5170666. You can fetch it in, we can pick it up, we can assess your system or we can just advise.

One of our strengths is the technical skill of our team of highly trained engineers who have over 90 years experience between them!

Unlike some electronic equipment nowadays, most two-way radios are repairable. Don't just sit on faulty equipment - we will repair it for you.

If you have a radio fleet that are not performing to expectations, and appear to
have deteriorated in their reliability, range or clarity, or their batteries are not lasting as long as you want, then take advantage of our system testing service. Often for as little of £15.00 per unit, we will collect your radios, loan you some spares, test the radios and report back with an analysis of any faults found.

Remember this - if you have a system of, say, 10 radios, and just two are in need of repair, then nearly 40% of the radio messages will fail. (that's with only 20% of your radios faulty!) And for each of these failed conversations, two of your users will have a bad radio experience, giving the overall impression of a very poor system. This is why it is important to isolate suspect radios as soon as they are found, ensuring your users have confidence in the system. For the mathematicians amongst you, the formula is f=(2
nx-x2-x)/(n2-n), where n is the total number of radios, x is the number of faulty radios and f is the proportion of radio conversations that fail.

Ask about our maintenance contracts for peace of mind, low monthly costs and useful benefits and discounts.

Cygnal is a Service Centre for Motorola, Hytera, Entel, Tait, Kenwood and Icom equipment.

Repairs on electronic equipment can be within the following terms:

Warranty - Manufacturers' guarantees are supported by our own warranty, for both equipment failure and repair/installation rework.

 - Maintenance agreements are available subject to certain conditions. The main benefits are free repairs on equipment failure, regular inspections to ensure the equipment stays in working order, no callout charges and discounts on standard repairs that fall outside the warranty.

Ad-hoc repairs - Equipment can be brought to our workshop for repair, where we can often repair while you wait (We advise to telephone first). We can attend site if required.


Our Electronic Repair Service terms:

  • Turnaround - We will endeavour to repair equipment within an average of three working days from receipt in our workshop. Base stations will be given a priority and may be repaired on site.

  • Charges - We usually charge a fixed price repair for workshop repairs, but an hourly rate may be requested by the customer. Call 0191 5172889 to request prices.

  • Exclusions - There are exclusions to our Fixed Price Repair service. Notably, severe physical damage, liquid ingress or repairs deemed by is to be not economically viable.

  • Payment - Account holders will be charged following repair and are required to pay within their standard terms. Non-account holders must pay with cleared funds for the repair prior to the return of the repaired equipment.

  • Warranty - All repairs carried out by us carry a 3 month warranty. This covers the same fault occurring within 90 days of the initial chargeable repair, provided no external factors are involved, such as faulty aerial or vehicle wiring.

  • Liability - Cygnal does not accept liability for loss of or damage to equipment whilst in transit. Limited liability for loss in our possession is detailed on the reverse of our jobsheets.

    We will not be liable for any consequential loss of business, profits or any other loss or third party loss other than the repair to the equipment itself, whether arising out of the repair, delay to the repair or recurrence of the fault.


  • Other Terms - See the reverse of our jobsheet for further details.

Need more help?

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