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Radios for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Free Offer for all North East schools

Does your school have two way radios that you are not getting the best out of? Have you got some put away in a cupboard because they weren't working? Call us on 0191 5172889 or email us on the address below. Ask for the free offer and we will arrange a free visit to your school to test and assess your radios.

No cost, no catch. This offer applies to any school, college or university in the North East of England. We will arrange a convenient appointment for an engineer to visit and give an honest appraisal of your radios, with a written follow-up report.

He will not give a sales pitch. We won't press you to have them repaired and certainly won't ask you to buy new ones. You get some useful information on valuable assets. We get to more understand the needs and problems schools experience with their communications.

Cygnal understand the needs of schools and specialise in communications for education, having supplied scores of schools and colleges with walkie talkies and mobile phones.

Some schools are falling foul of Ofsted because of a lack of communications between staff, jeopardizing pupil safety. Being able to report intruders, accidents and lost pupils quickly cannot be overstated.

Instant communications between staff on a school premises can be vital to security, safety and efficiency of the organization by offering:

  • Staff communications, including on-call and duty staff

  • Administration communications

  • School bus communications

  • Automatic alarm (fire/security) alerts

  • Sports Field communications. Comms for Health and Safety, instant accident report

  • Trip/Expedition communications, health and safety

  • Grounds and maintenance communications, caretaker and site manager

  • Security communications, pupil safety, dealing with trespassers

  • Emergency planning - Communications in the event of a fire or evacuation

  • Dinner and playground staff communications

Features that can be applied to radios are:

  • Emergency button - sends an alarm tone heard by all

  • Selective calling - to speak with a single person or a particular group of users

  • Man-down - this will send an alarm tone if the person is reclined

  • Lone worker - will send an alarm tone if the user does not respond to a periodic alert beep

  • Channel scanning - makes sure that you do not miss a call by being on the wrong channel

Because of the myriad of uses for two way radios in education, to ensure that the correct system is supplied we will visit the school to assess its requirements and tailor the system to the individual needs of the school. We will offer an excellent back-up service, with or without a maintenance agreement, and are aware that best value and a clear contract are both important to school administrators.

Call 0191 5170666 to discuss your needs or to arrange a visit from one of our staff.

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