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  • Alan Davies

Poor Range Radio Repair

Are you worried your radios are in need of repair? Do they drop out easy and lose signal? Maybe you’re struggling to hear anything? If you’re concerned about a faulty radio, poor range, poor audio quality or you think the batteries are no longer charging, we can be on hand to help.

Our team of highly skilled engineers, who together have over 90 years of experience, is on hand to help

At Cygnal we appreciate how big of an investment your radios were for your business, and we equally understand how daunting it can be when something goes wrong. Rather than have you spend more money on new radios, we can save you money and time with our affordable radio repairs.

To determine the problem, we’ll begin with a system testing service where we’ll pick up your radios for as little as £15.00 per unit, loan you some spares, test the radios, and then report back with an analysis of any faults discovered.

To discover more about our radio repairs and to take full advantage of our teams help, get in touch today. Use the contact form or give us a call on 0191 517 2889.

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