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  • Alan Davies

Hand Held Radios

Also known as walkie talkies, hand held radios are often a better way to communicate when compared to mobile phones. Lightweight, durable and reasonably priced, two-way radios will continue to work despite cell service towers or landlines failing to work. As well as being simple and easy to use, they also provide clear and concise communication.

At Cygnal we supply products from all leading manufacturers including Hytera, Motorola and Icom

We offer a wide range of radio communications from walkie talkies to on-site factory portables, security company systems and wide area networks. Whatever your business, Cygnal will give independent advice on the most suitable equipment and cost effective system for your communications needs.

With over 40 years of experience in radio communications, you can trust that we'll give you the best system possible.

We also appreciate that you may have other requirements around hand held radios, which is why we also supply radio batteries, provide free offers for North East schools and specialise in radio repairs.

Contact us right now to discuss your needs with our team. For a friendly conversation, use the contact form or give us a ring at 0191 5172 0666. Remember to search for and follow us on Facebook.

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